Uniformity and precision in spreading operations

Uniformity and precision in spreading operations

Bruttus 6000 and 12000 provide absolute precision in seeds, substances for soil regulation, and fertilizers spreading.


Uniform application and precise spreading are some of the features Bruttus 6000 and 12000 from Stara can provide you. To ensure high precision in seeds, substances for soil regulation and fertilizers spreading the conveyor belts spread seeds and product by gravity to guarantee high uniformity in fixed and variable rate application.

Bruttus 6000 load capacity is 3.73 m³ while Bruttus 12000 load capacity is 7.5m³. These implements can work with either powdered or granulated fertilizers, dry lime powder or slightly wet, and agricultural dry gypsum. Besides, they are equipped with rubber curtains that eliminate wind action in spreading operations. They allow for product spreading straight to the soil with high uniformity and precision.

Bruttus lineup features protective grilles that filter the product to be applied, in addition to prevent stones, clods and other foreign objects from entering the hopper and damage the spreading system.

Bruttus 6000 and 12000 hoppers can be tilted. They are made of carbon steel plates that allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance service.

Count on Bruttus from Stara for precise spreading.




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