Twin Row Spraying System: efficient spraying at any speed

Twin Row Spraying System: efficient spraying at any speed

Spraying is one of the most important stages in crop management since it prevents and controls pests, weeds, and diseases. So, efficient applications ensure high productivity and avoid product waste. The Twin Row Spraying System, a technology engineered by Stara, provides higher spraying efficiency.

During chemical application, the machine speed varies according to the terrain, reducing speeds over bumpy areas or increasing speeds over steady areas, in addition to range speeds during steering procedures. There is pressure variation to keep the preset application rate. As a result, the drop pattern produced by the spray tip changes.

To help the farmer with this, the Twin Row Spraying System features two spray tips with different flow rates that work at low and intermediate speeds. Additionally, they can be used simultaneously for high-speed operations, allowing the machine to spray with a broader range of operating speeds. Thereby, they increase the operational yield and keeping application quality.

In the Twin Row Spraying System, the nozzle pressure works in an appropriate range according to the desired drop pattern and machine speed. Therefore, the system activates the ideal nozzle for spraying and ensuring excellent application quality by maintaining the uniformity of the drop size produced. This technology also features the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System, which provides savings up to 5% in chemicals.

As an optional feature on Imperador 3000 and 4000, the Twin Row Spraying System provides high operational performance with the best use of pesticides.