The Stara Self-Propelled Machine Pre Purchase Financing Pool Group has been on a fishing trip

The Stara Self-Propelled Machine Pre Purchase Financing Pool Group has been on a fishing trip

Having a quality machine equipped with technologies that provide you higher profits and operational yield is crucial for those who want to have a successful crop production. To help the farmers to acquire a self-propelled machine, the Stara Pre Purchase Financing Pool made available the first Self-Propelled Machine Pre Purchase Financing Pool Group in 2021.

In addition to being able to plan your machine purchase with proper credit and accessible cost, the participants and salespeople were given a fishing trip of four days to the Amazônia Fishing Lodge in the state of Pará.

According to the farmer and agronomist engineer, Alexandre Goulart from Jataí in the state of Goiás, the trip was great. The trip was peaceful, and I enjoyed it a lot. It overcame my expectations. It was a really nice experience. I think this Stara action is very positive since it allows us to talk to people from other states, make new friends, meet who works in the field, exchange thoughts and experiences”, he says.

Alexandre knows Stara machines. He owns a Fox cultivator, an Hércules 6.0 spreader, three Hércules 10000 spreaders, and now he decided to invest in one more self-propelled machine. “We needed a self-propelled machine to operate in the farm crops, so we decided to participate to renew the fleet. The pre purchase financing pool offers good fees, and the payment conditions are the best. Additionally, it is a planned purchase”, Alexandre explains.

In addition to the customers, the salespeople that traded more quotas of the Stata Self-Propelled Machine Pre Purchase Financing Pool went to the fishing trip too. Carlos Henrique Guimarães, sales consultant from Rolatrek dealer fin Arapoti, state of Paraná, was one the participants. He sold six quotas and says that this group was innovative. “I find this idea fantastic because there isn’t any group like this in the market. And when we shared the news with the customers, they were really glad”, he says.

About the trip, Carlos says he loved it. “It was speechless, a wonderful trip. We were in a marvelous place. The lodge is considered one of the best in Brazil. We were also warmly welcome, and the Stara team was amazing.”

In total, seven fishing groups enjoyed this amazing trip.



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