The high crop yield is also allied to the applied technologies

The high crop yield is also allied to the applied technologies

By using Imperador 2000, the farmer will have more cost-benefit, besides having the most complete self-propelled sprayer in its category.

Over the past 20 years, the cultivation of the grain has increased annually. Although it hasn’t evolved alone. Agricultural machinery has constantly evolved too. By means of the applied technologies, they provide considerable cost-benefit to the farmer. To achieve this purpose, Stara has furnished the sprayer and seeder, Imperador 2000, with the most comprehensive technological package, which will provide the farmer with higher precision and more economy during spraying procedures.

In addition to being the only self-propelled machine in the world with central booms, that offers greater stability during applications and delivers 58% more of the chemical solution on the target, Imperador lineup also adds the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System, an exclusive feature developed by Stara which guarantees higher spraying precision and potential product savings. Another feature of the Imperador family is Conecta. A remote access service that connects your Imperador 2000 with Stara. The remote access is accomplished by Topper 5500, where the after-sales technician at the factory sees all the monitor information and helps the operator, ensuring fast and assertive support.

The Ponte Verde System has made this self-propelled machine the most complete of its category, apart from allowing a more efficient coverage, once Imperador 2000 is equipped with a pneumatic system for spreading operations that can offer seed sowing all over the booms with high efficiency. Besides, the process reduces the operation time, fuel consumption, and crop damage losses.

According to research data carried out in Brazil by FAPA (Portuguese acronym which stands for Agrarian Foundation of Agricultural Research) and MT Foundation, Imperador 2000 delivers an excellent uniformity in sowing, with a coefficient of variation of up to 10%.

Another advantage of this technology is the hopper for seeds, which is comprised of an internal compartment of 1.5m³. When it comes to Imperador 2000, the high operational yield is ensured, since it sows 40 hectares per hour.

After learning about all that news, it is easy to understand why Imperador lineup is the chosen one by those who want assurance of precise applications along with more economy, and yield.


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