The best spraying efficiency

The best spraying efficiency

The best spraying efficiency is what the growers find in the new self-propelled sprayers line, launched on January 25th, during the 10th Stara Dealer Convention.

The Imperadores new line is available in two models, 3000 and 4000. The new models are modern, robust, and bold. The new line stands out for the excellent application precision guaranteed by the central booms, added to technologies such as Continuous Recirculating System, Individual Nozzle Control, Double Line System and 4 Wheels Steering, ensuring more accurate and economic spraying.

The Double Line System consists of two nozzle endings that allow applications with greater working speed amplitude, increasing the operational efficiency. The spray lines can work alternately or together. The spraying happens with ideal pressures, guarantees excellent application quality by maintaining drop size uniformity and avoiding drift.

The Individual Nozzle Control system performs the automatic nozzle shutdown when, through the Topper 5500, an area has already been treated, saving up to 5% on chemicals.

Another innovation is the Continuous Recirculating System. This system keeps the chemicals in constant circulation in the boom tubes and tank, providing homogeneity and specific defensive concentration during application, cleaner spraying and no residual from the previous applications, increasing components durability.

Smart 4-Wheel Steering and Automatic Steering Turnback allow 42% less turning radius than conventional systems, providing quicker turns reducing crop damage by up to 45%.

With the Elevating System, the clearance space goes from 1.60 m to 2 m, and application height goes from 2.60 m up to 3 m, being the highest application height of the market, making possible the applications when the cultures are in more advanced stages, increasing productivity.

The Imperador also have Blue Beam lighting directed to the booms. They allow wide visibility during nighttime applications. Stara’s remote access service, Conecta, connects the sprayer in real time with Stara, ensuring fast and assertive responses. The Imperadores new line also has the most comfortable cabin in the category, with ample space, excellent peripheral vision and more comfort and ergonomics for the operator.