Stara launches four technologies for Agriculture 4.0

Stara launches four technologies for Agriculture 4.0

Technology is in Stara’s DNA, and we keep innovating to help the farmer to get the best results. For this reason, it provides four novelties with Agriculture 4.0 technology: Conecta for the planting lineup, Syncro for spraying, New Telemetria Stara, and Zero Crop Damage, with great emphasis on being an exclusive Stara technology.

Stara’s CEO, Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, points out that launching these technologies is a milestone in the company’s history. “We are providing technologies to improve crop field management. In addition to being available on new machines, these launching products are also available for machines in the crop field. It enables the farmers to have their pieces of equipment updated with state-of-the-art technology”, he emphasized during the launching live stream for dealers and resellers on August 27th.

The launching products are the result of the company evolution in its 61 years of history. “Stara is a pioneer and has always believed in technology. The Topper development by Stara was the milestone that made and still makes it possible for us to continue developing new technologies for Precision Agriculture and provide solutions for the farmer. This is Stara’s philosophy, always in constant evolution,” says Gilson Trennepohl, president of the board of directors.

Learn more about our launching products:

Conecta for planting

It is already available on the self-propelled spreader and sprayer lineup. Conecta, an excellent and recognized service by the market, can also be used in the planting lineup. An exclusive remote access service from Stara that ensures fast and assertive support. By means of Topper 5500, the technician can access the machine from the factory in real-time.

Syncro for spraying

Another novelty is Syncro for spraying that allows you to synchronize up to 4 self-propelled sprayers to operate in the same field. Also available for the planting and spreading lineup, Syncro doesn’t require an Internet connection. Communication is via radio. Syncro provides better operation planning, agility, and precision. In addition to avoiding excesses and overlap, which is even better at nighttime applications.

Telemetria Stara

Telemetria Stara has been updated and now provides more tools for crop monitoring. Among the new features is the possibility of logging the reasons for machine stops and sending variable rate maps directly to Topper without the need for a flash drive. Additionally, Telemetria Stara counts on integrations with ERP systems to improve farm management. Another new feature is the Telemetria Stara Application, which enables access to all the information easily and fast on the cell phone besides providing reports and alerts.

Zero Crop Damage

The Zero Crop Damage is an exclusive Stara technology. It performs sowing with automatic row-by-row shut-off where the sprayer and spreader will further pass over. It provides seed savings of up to 4% for the farmer. It depends on the size of the self-propelled machine booms and the width of the tires. The No Crop Damage is available on all Stara planters with Row-by-Row Shut-Off System, and the entire operation process is through software.