Specialized Services ensure your high machine performance

Specialized Services ensure your high machine performance

The technologies provide better machine performance, and they affect the crop yield. To use these technologies most effectively and to ensure the application quality, the machine needs to have its calibrations and checking up to date. The Stara Specialized Services let your machine be ready for operations at all times.

As each machine model requires specific adjustments, according to the application and handling, there are different Specialized Services packages, consisting of calibrations, measurement, and training, which can also be purchased separately. For this reason, such services must be performed at Stara dealers, by factory-trained professionals, with the required technical knowledge to do the job with quality and efficiency.

The performance of Specialized Services affects the machine operation, and results are seen in the crop field since they ensure that the machine operates properly, influencing productivity, loss reduction, and increasing profitability.

One more item of the Specialized Services is the technical re-deliveries which aims at guiding the new operators about the machine operation and explaining about its technologies so they can get the most out of the equipment.

To take advantage of the machine maintenance service time, the Specialized Services can be performed together with the Stara Maintenance Program. Therefore, your machine leaves the dealership thoroughly checked to avoid any unforeseen problems.