Meet the only machine in the world with a single tank for two different operations

Meet the only machine in the world with a single tank for two different operations

The Imperador 2000 is a sprayer and a pneumatic seeder that provides you with great cost-benefit. To accomplish that, it features a polyethylene tank with two compartments, an exclusive Stara innovation.

The outer compartment is used for spraying, with a capacity of 2000 liters and a design that works as a wave breaker which minimizes the solution agitation and avoids mechanical damage to the equipment.

The machine is equipped with two agitator systems, hydraulic and mechanical, so the solution keeps constantly moving. Therefore, providing greater homogeneity and maintaining the exact concentration of chemicals during spraying. The systems operate together with the Continuous Recirculating System. As a result, it improves the dilution of the chemicals or phytosanitary products and higher application quality and precision.

Additionally, it features an inner cleaning system, which eliminates the residues created by operations. Thereby, it ensures better use and less waste of products.

Alternatively, the inner compartment, which is 1.5 m³, is used for fine seeds and helps with the operation of the exclusive Ponte Verde System, which provides the seeding of cover crops along the entire width of the booms and ensuring cover with higher uniformity and reducing fuel consumption and operational time. In addition, it features a detection system that warns when the seed level is low to avoid application failures.

Imperador 2000 is the only machine in the world with one tank for two different operations. Another innovation from Stara that provides you with savings and ensures yield.