Learn why Bruttus 12000 is an excellent choice for spreading by gravity

Learn why Bruttus 12000 is an excellent choice for spreading by gravity

To ensure application quality, Bruttus 12000 adds plenty of remarkable features that will provide high precision and uniformity when spreading substances for soil regulation and fertilisers

The transport easiness is one of these features. As a result, Bruttus 12000 becomes the only transportable spreader in its category. Since the chassis is articulated for transport, it reduces the spreader width to 3.18 metres for transport. Therefore, it is easier to transport the implement on narrow roadways, gates, and bridges. Another advantage is the ease of transport by a lorry since it is not required to disassemble the spreader. As a consequence, the implement transport becomes faster.

Some of the advantages are the tilting hopper and the protective grille system, which, in addition to facilitating the cleaning of the top section of the grille pieces, can be hydraulically activated. Additionally, the front and side flanges prevent waste during product loading. It features a load capacity of up to 12,000 kg or 7.5 m³. Bruttus 12000 delivers optimum operation autonomy. Its application range of up to 6.7 meters and the coefficient of variation below 8% provide application precision.

The Stara spreader by gravity allows for better terrain copying while spreading products by its wheelset with a rocker arm system. In addition to the wheelsets being mounted beneath the hopper, which eases access for reloading, Bruttus 12000 is equipped with high-flotation tyres that avoid soil compaction.

The sections shutdown, besides reducing overlap, avoids the waste of products and provides higher savings during applications. The spreading system has a rubber belt that provides greater spreading precision. Another advantage is the roller scraper that ensures that the system cleaning is easy and fast, consequently providing the system with a longer lifespan.

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