Imperador 3.0 has evolved and remains as the only 3-in-1 self-propelled machine in the world

Imperador 3.0 has evolved and remains as the only 3-in-1 self-propelled machine in the world

It is one of the greatest releases of Stara’s history, mainly because this machine is the only self-propelled machine in the world that gathers three operations on a single piece of equipment. It is a sprayer, a spreader, and a pneumatic seeder, which makes it possible to accomplish three operations in one single path trail in the crop field.

To meet the farmers’ needs with more efficiency, the self-propelled has evolved and it is even better. Its design is modern, robust, and bold. In addition to new colours and the new cabin. The operator’s visibility is now wider thanks to the new and stronger lighting system, and the four-rear-view mirrors.

The best spraying efficiency

Imperador 3.0 comprises the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control when spraying. This feature consists of automatically shutting off the spray nozzles every time Topper 5500 controller identifies an area where the solution has already been applied. It also provides a more accurate and efficient application, and saves up to 5% on agricultural chemicals.

Besides, the self-propelled machine is equipped with the Continuous Recirculating System. This technology keeps the chemical solution constantly moving inside the tank and piping system. Hence, there is more solution evenness and the exact chemical concentration during application. The spray system is cleaner and there is no residue from previous applications, increasing components durability.

Nighttime operations have never been as clearer as they are now, thanks to the Blue Beam light system. Because the system is mounted on the booms, it allows clear visibility during applications and permits the operator better job monitoring, avoiding fails, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Excellent seeding evenness

High yields come from an established crop coverage. To achieve that, Imperador 3.0 features the Ponte Verde system, which is a pneumatic seeder, Stara’s exclusive product. The redesigned Imperador 3.0 offers easy system assembly and disassembly, through the new quick coupling system, which brings practicality for field operations.

New auto steering and Smart 4-wheel-steering system

TD3 (Topper Driver 3) is the new Imperador 3.0 auto steering. It gathers high performance, robustness, reliability, and shorter response time. TD3 reduces fails and overlaps, crop damage, and makes possible the machine traffic control for further operations.

Another new feature is the Smart 4-wheel-steering system, which allows for a turning radius of 42% shorter than conventional systems. As a result, less crop damage and manoeuvres in your crop field.


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