Imperador 2000: versatility is another benefit to the farmer

Imperador 2000: versatility is another benefit to the farmer

Versatility is one of the features for farmers looking for more practicality during crop field operations. In addition to providing the most comprehensive technology package of its category, one of the remarkable features of Imperador 2000 is to integrate a sprayer and a pneumatic seeder.

One of the novelties of Imperador 2000 is the tank which is developed to provide two operations. For spraying operations, the compartment has an exclusive design that acts as a wave breaker, minimizing agitation movements, avoiding mechanical damage and the formation of foam in the solution. Another advantage is the Continuous Recirculating System, which keeps the solution homogeneous and in constant circulation during the application, in addition to the greater durability of the components.

The seed compartment, on the other hand, has a capacity of 1.5 m³ and is perfect for small seeds, such as oats, with a capacity of one ton.

Another remarkable feature of Imperador 2000 in spraying operations is the central booms that ensure more stability during applications and 58% more solution on target. In seeding operations, the advantage of central booms is the high operational yield with efficiency since it provides excellent seeding uniformity, with a maximum coefficient of variation of 10%.

Adding all of its technologies, Imperador 2000 provides a greater cost-benefit ratio, greater savings in chemicals and a uniform seeding.