How is Syncro installed on the Stara machine?

How is Syncro installed on the Stara machine?

It is available for the planting lineup, spreaders, and now self-propelled sprayers. Syncro provides better operation planning, faster and higher precision in operations. Syncro enables the synchronisation of up to four machines of the same function to operate in the same field.

In addition to being easy to operate, Syncro installation is easy too and carried out through Topper 5500. The need for an Internet connection is not required, and the data transmission system is via radio. Syncro radio is installed inside the cabin through a connection cable. The antenna is installed outside the cabin by always observing the technical specifications.

After the physical structure is installed, enable Syncro on each Topper and synchronize them. There you go, now the machines can share fields, operations, boundaries, AB lines, flags, and variable rate maps.

Syncro allows standardized management of the field by providing savings in time, fuel, and products and results in greater productivity for your crop field.

Syncro. Synchronize your machines. Multiply your results.

*Check machine models and availability.