How does the sprayer structure can provide application benefits?

How does the sprayer structure can provide application benefits?

Plenty of resources are available to prevent pests, diseases and weeds in the crop field. The machine structure makes all the difference when it comes to application quality. For this reason, Stara provides several technologies*for its sprayers and Imperador self-propelled sprayer lineup to ensure an efficient spraying process with savings for the farmer.

One of them is the Smart 4-Wheel-Steering System. The rear wheels follow the path of the front wheels exactly, when making turns or when the terrain is uneven. This technology reduces crop damage by up to 45% over the boundary and steering procedures in your crop field. As a result, it avoids productivity losses. Its turning radius is 42% shorter than conventional systems, making steering procedures easier, especially in smaller areas.

The Up & Down – Hydraulic Lift System allows the machine ground clearance to be increased by 40 centimeters so the machine can travel through the final crop stages to control pests, diseases and weeds and ensure plant health. As a consequence, it increases the crop yield.

In addition, the Imperador line of self-propelled sprayers is the only one in the world with central booms and weight distribution, 50% on the machine front and 50% on the back, which allows for a greater capacity for ramping, traction, and greater stability of booms on bumpy and wet terrains.

The central booms avoid oscillations and impacts that can be caused by the differences in the terrain where the machine is travelling over, enabling greater stability during applications and 58% more solution on target. An example is Imperador 3.0 CA, perfect for sugar cane a rice crops application.

The Imperador lineup features greater ramp capacity. It allows for operations over bumpy terrains. The Imperador 3000 and 4000 lineup, for instance, delivers a ramp capacity of up to 32%.

The cabin of the Stara self-propelled sprayers is comfortable, ergonomic and spacious. Thanks to the cab 360° visibility, it provides low noise levels, and consequently, more comfort to your ears. The command units are easy to be reached, which allows the operators to activate them easily and fast by the multifunction control lever. Additionally, you can have access to the electrical system for maintenance services and checkings.

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*Check the technology available for each machine.





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