How do the Stara self-propelled sprayers provide you with a higher yield?

How do the Stara self-propelled sprayers provide you with a higher yield?

Agriculture has become even more precise, efficient and digital. Stara machines provide savings and yield since they are equipped with technology packages that make a difference in your crop field.

The Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System and Ponte Verde System from Imperador lineup optimize the operation and provide higher savings. The machine controller automatically shuts off the spray nozzles by the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System at the exact time it detects an applied area to avoid chemical overlap. Alternatively, the Ponte Verde System on Imperador 2000 and 3.0 enable the sowing during the autumn window periods by seeding cover crops through the pneumatic seeding system on the booms and by using the same spray path.

Stara provides the Stara Spraying App that allows you to see in a practical way all the Imperador lineup advantages. The option “Nozzle choice” allows you to fill out all the fields according to your needs. Additionally, the platform provides the best nozzle option for your spraying operations. The app provides plenty of tools so you can get the most out of the self-propelled sprayer technologies.

An example is the “Meet the Imperador” tab, where a video of the machine manufacturing process is available, the “Imperador in the Crop Field” tab, and the “Highlights” tab, where all the equipment advantages are found. Additionally, you can see the customer testimonials, the location of the dealerships, and wallpapers to customize your cell phone on this tab.

Do you know how much you’re saving and how your crop results are better by using our self-propelled sprayers? Here’s how: in the “Calculate Gains” area, you can calculate the gains provided by the machine through the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System and Ponte Verde System.

So, the Stara Spraying app features the “Technical Studies” tab, with research and articles that show the efficiency and quality of Stara systems and technologies.

To access all these advantages, you just need to update the Stara Spraying app on your cell phone or, if you haven’t installed it yet, download it for free from the app store. Available for Android and IOS.