How can you increase efficiency in nighttime applications?

How can you increase efficiency in nighttime applications?

Stara machines are equipped with technologies to operate during the night time and with the same efficiency to provide faster operations. One of these technologies is the Blue Beam lighting system, used for spraying operations.

The Blue Beam uses LED lights directed to the spray booms, which allow higher visibility during nighttime applications, providing the operator with better monitoring of the operations and avoiding failures.

More than 70% of the applications are performed at night, according to research conducted by Stara. In certain times of the year or periods of the day, weather conditions impair the use of the chemicals applied, such as high temperatures, low air humidity, or blast of wind. In addition, some types of chemicals are affected by the weather, and consequently impairing their effectiveness.

Blue Beam provides higher operational yield and better use of the weather conditions, ensuring better spraying efficiency.

Blue Beam is available on Imperador 3.0, Imperador 3000 and Imperador 4000 – Intermediate and Top models.

One more technology Stara provides the farmer to improve operations.