Hércules 6.0 has arrived to change the paradigms when it comes to applying fertilizer in the crop field

Hércules 6.0 has arrived to change the paradigms when it comes to applying fertilizer in the crop field

The largest self-propelled spreader in Brazil can provide you with higher efficiency and yield.


Hércules 6.0 is another leader in productivity from Stara. Its load capacity can reach up to 6,000 kg and allows a spreading width of up to 36 meters, ensuring high performance in the crop field as a result. The operational yield of Hércules 6.0 can reach up to 80 ha/h, depending on the terrain geography, machine speed, product, and application rate. The equipment also delivers considerable work autonomy with low fuel consumption.

It is possible thanks to the dual feedgate system that guarantees Hércules 6.0 great precision, fertilizer savings on boundary applications, and in areas that have already been applied with nutrients, as a consequence avoiding product application overlap.

The product flow divider is indispensable when it comes to fertilizer application since it is responsible for directing the product over the spinner disks center to maintain an excellent spreading profile. The spinner disks feature a vane adjustment system. They offer an application rage of up to 36 meters without affecting its quality.

A significant feature of Hércules 6.0 is Topper 5500 controller that permits to carry out applications in either fixed or variable rate. The product metering information is sent to an electric central (Universal POD), which through the sensors and proportional valve allows the range of the application rate, so that the conveyor belt rotation changes the product application metering according to the operation need.

The variable rate system accuracy is substantial for the correction success indicated by the metering prescription maps. This system will apply the fertilizer on the target precisely, thus correcting the soil chemical variability.

Hércules 6.0 is equipped with an MWM electronic engine. Besides providing longer life, it emits low pollutants, causes less vibrations, and generates lower noise. In addition to another advantage: the economy of fuel consumption. By means of Topper 5500 there is communication with the engine that has its rotation reduced, thus cutting down fuel consumption, which is up to 12%, resulting in better performance of the engine and transmission system assembly.

The self-propelled is factory-installed with the best controller on the market, Topper 5500. The controller can work with both variable and TD3 auto steering. In addition to all those features, the spreader can offer even more: Telemetria Stara, Conecta, and Syncro. These technologies guarantee greater application precision and efficient management of the farm operations.

And of course, for the operator, there is a broad and comfortable cabin with soundproof. The air conditioning is digital and features activated charcoal filter to ensure air quality inside the cabin. The cabin also offers a pneumatic suspension seat for the operator, radio with USB port, and Bluetooth system.





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