Hércules 4.0: higher efficiency with superior spreading operations

Hércules 4.0: higher efficiency with superior spreading operations

The lineup of self-propelled spreaders from Stara has gained reinforcement. The new Hércules 4.0 provides you with superior quality in spreading operations, in addition to the most comprehensive technological package in its category. Featuring a robust and bold design, the new Hércules 4.0 also features the Smart 4-Wheel Steering System.

The new Stara self-propelled spreader has a capacity of 4 m³ and a spreading range up to 36 m, and a high operational yield of up to 60 ha/h. Coefficient of variation below 12% that provides spreading uniformity and precision.

The new Hércules 4.0 is equipped with an engine with 190 cv that provides low fuel consumption and autonomy of up to 15h. On the other hand, the ramp capacity is 31%, which allows the machine to operate over bumpy terrains. It features a hydraulic system with a 100-litre reservoir only, and a minimum level and temperature sensor, providing lower maintenance costs and more protection and safety to the system. The LS pump (Load Sensing) automatically adjusts the oil flow and pressure by using only the required power to carry out the machine operations, resulting in savings on maintenance service costs, diesel consumption reduction, and engine effort.

Hércules 4.0 has the most comfortable cabin in its category. It provides the operator with great visibility, low noise levels, adjustable steering wheel and pneumatic seat, in addition to a USB port for mobile phone charging, multifunction control lever, and easy access to the electrical system. The lighting system adds greater comfort and safety to the operator during nighttime applications.

Its Twin Feedgate System allows the closing of only one side of the hopper, avoiding product application in the areas that have already received the product, providing savings of 2.58%. The new quick adjustment system doesn’t require the conveyor belt removal and the hopper with standard tarps provides easy maintenance of the hopper removal.

One of the greatest novelties is the Smart 4-Wheel Steering System, as an optional feature, which reduces by up to 45% the crop damage on boundary applications and steering procedures in your crop field. It allows for turning radius 42% shorter than conventional systems. Hércules 4.0 is equipped with the most comprehensive technological package in its category. Additionally, it is installed with Topper 5500 VT, TD3 auto steering, Conecta, and the optional features Telemetria Stara and Syncro.

Hércules 4.0 is the efficient spreading you need in your crops.