Hércules 4.0: fast and easy calibration

Hércules 4.0: fast and easy calibration

Technology is agriculture main ally. And when it comes to broadcast spreading, one of the challenges is to ensure high operational yield without losing spreading precision and quality.

One of the main new features of Hércules 4.0 is the easy calibration. To accomplish it, one of the advantages is Topper 5500, which provides the Follow me System. This system guides the farmer to perform the steps for correct calibration. After calibration, the farmer can check the rates through the collection.

The new self-propelled spreader from Stara features a single hopper, which makes calibration much more convenient. Thanks to the funnel, besides optimizing time, the operator doesn’t have to disassemble the spreading system or use inappropriate tools, consequently, the process is faster. The funnel also helps with the hopper draining after application.

Another remarkable feature is the application rate range from 15 to 1,250 kg/ha. Besides operating with different metering and products, it eases the variable rate application and reaches different areas. As a result, it improves the use of products and increases productivity by using the right metering in each management zone.

Hércules 4.0 can provide you with faster and higher efficiency with superior spreading operations and easy calibration.

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