Get to know the Stara technologies for uniform and precise spraying

Get to know the Stara technologies for uniform and precise spraying

In addition to a modern and comprehensive structure, the Imperador self-propelled sprayers lineup from Stara has singular technologies* to ensure uniform and precise applications with better usage of chemicals and high operational yield.

One of these technologies is the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System. It shuts off the spray nozzle in areas where the chemical has already been applied, preventing overlap, reducing product waste and do not over apply the crop.  The product amount saving provides a great cost-benefit.

Studies carried out that compare sprayed areas with machines that feature conventional system/sections and machines with the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System show that overlap, on average, with the Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System is 0.32%, whereas with section shutoff is 3.59%, which may vary according to the number of sections. These averages are the result of overlap evaluation of 34,686 hectares all over Brazil and vary according to region and terrain.

Stara self-propelled sprayers with Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control System are also equipped with the Continuous Recirculating System. When the spraying pump is activated, this technology allows that the solution remains in constant circulation from the tank to all the piping. As a result, it provides greater homogeneity and maintains the exact concentration of the product during application.

As the solution is in constant circulation, the spraying system remains cleaner, minimizing to the maximum the residues created by the pesticide applications, and that guarantee better use and less waste. This technology also provides a longer component lifespan and makes it easier to clean the equipment when necessary.

The Twin Row Spraying System also ensures the application quality. The system features two rows of spray tips that allow applications with a wide operating speed range to increase the operational yield. These lines can operate either alternated or together. Since it performs applications with ideal pressure rates, it keeps the drop size uniform and avoids drift. Thereby, it ensures excellent application quality.

The Imperador self-propelled sprayers provide the farmer with technologies that deliver higher yield and economy, without losing the application quality.

*Check the technology available for each machine.