Do you know which machine is ideal to apply powdered and granulated products?

Do you know which machine is ideal to apply powdered and granulated products?

Choosing the right spreader to perform the applications is one of the farmer’s doubts since powdered and granulated products have different characteristics. Powdered products, especially substances for soil regulator, are affected by weather conditions, especially wind. Granulated products, on the other hand, have different particle sizes.

To get the most out of the product during powdered product applications, spreading by gravity is recommended, which by the way, Stara can provide you with Bruttus lineup, a spreader that stands out due to application precision. If you spread by gravity, there is a better use of the operation of the day, since adverse weather conditions, such as wind, do not interfere in the application. Another advantage Bruttus lineup delivers is high efficiency, with a coefficient of variation below 8%, ensuring that the dose is applied with uniformity, without flaws in the amount and the right location in the crop field.

The Hércules spreader lineup, on the other hand, is ideal for granulated fertiliser spreading, ensuring more precision and agility during application. Besides using the same spraying path and ensuring more precision and operational yield, the self-propelled spreaders lineup from Stara provides more speed and capacity in spreading operations. By delivering a coefficient of variation below 12%, the Hércules lineup provides great uniformity in product spreading range which can vary from 27 to 36 metres.

To achieve the expected result, it is necessary to use the ideal spreader that delivers a low coefficient of variation, ensuring that the application is performed with the recommended dose, increasing productivity in the crop field.