Do you know the ideal time for cover crop application in soybeans crop?

Do you know the ideal time for cover crop application in soybeans crop?

The no-till farming system, which is applied by most Brazilian farmers, ensures higher crop yield that results in soil conservation. One of its pillars is the soil permanent cover that protects its surface and improves its conditions. To assist in this process, Stara has developed the Ponte Verde System, which sows cover crops across the entire length of the central booms with evenness and precision.

In this system, the overseeding process is carried out before harvesting. In soybeans crop, based on research conducted by the Fundação Agrária de Pesquisa Agropecuária – FAPA (Portuguese acronym which stands for Agrarian Foundation of Agricultural Research), located in Guarapuava – state of Paraná, the best time to implement the cover crop by using the Ponte Verde System, is at the R7.0 stage – beginning maturity period, with about 60% of the area with the green cover.

The application of overseeding by using the Ponte Verde System is also a great alternative for farmers with a crop-livestock system since it advances the planting of pastures such as brachiaria and oats from 15 to 20 days.

The Ponte Verde System uses the same path for spraying or spreading, which reduces crop damage losses, due to the reduction of machine traffic in the crop field. Once the soil is covered, the farmer has better results since it increases weed control, water storage, organic matter, and nutrient recycling.
The Ponte Verde System decreases soil erosion and compaction, resulting in higher operational yield. The Ponte Verde System ensures the actual not-till farming method on your crop field.

* This system is available on Imperador 2000, which by the way, can use the same path for spreading and spraying operations. It is also available on Imperador 3.0, the machine that provides you with three operations: spraying, spreading and seeding.
**For further information on other crops, please contact your Stara dealer.