Did you know that the Hércules 4.0 technology package influences the high yield of your crops?

Did you know that the Hércules 4.0 technology package influences the high yield of your crops?

The technology development has been providing smart solutions to farmers and being one of the remarkable features in agricultural machinery, influencing the high yield and efficiency desired. In addition to the superior quality in spreading operations, the new Hércules 4.0 features the most comprehensive technology package that provides faster and precise applications.

One of the remarkable features of the Hércules 4.0 self-propelled spreader is Topper 5500 VT, a complete controller for Precision Agriculture, designed and produced exclusively by Stara. It allows the farmer to rely on Telemetria Stara, which provides real-time information management of all operations being performed through a device with Internet access.

To increase operational yield, Hércules 4.0 provides you with the optional feature Syncro, a radio data transmission system that enables synchronized communication between the machines. Syncro, besides improving planning, allows for operational practicality since the system allows up to four spreaders to operate synchronized, providing more agility, avoiding overlap, and providing product savings.

Another remarkable feature is the TD3 auto steering, a robust system with a shorter response time that reduces crop damage effects, reduces failure, and overlap. One of the advantages the TD3 provides the farmer is the possibility of traffic control, ensuring excellent precision in operations, providing higher operational yield and path following. To boost its performance, Stara provides the signal correction, which guarantees accuracy of 2.5 cm. Another optional feature that Stara provides the farmer with is the Smart 4-Wheel Steering System, which allows for a 42% shorter turning radius than conventional systems, reducing up to 45% the crop damage in boundary areas and during steering procedures.

Hércules 4.0 is installed with Conecta, a remote access service from Stara that will connect your machine to the factory. Through Conecta, Topper is accessed remotely, where the After-Sales technician in the factory can see all the information on the monitor and help the operator, providing quick and assertive answers, helping in several situations, such as calibrations.

Hércules 4.0 provides you with easier operations with high yield and efficiency, as a result, you will have better results in your crop field.