Conecta: The fast support for your Stara Sprayer

Conecta: The fast support for your Stara Sprayer

Sprayers apply chemicals over the crop efficiently and precisely to protect the yield and control pests, diseases and weeds. To offer support for the farmer before, during and after using the self-propelled sprayer, Stara provides you with Conecta.

A fast service that allows the operator to contact the technician in the factory through WhatsApp. The technician can access the Topper 5500 controller of the machine remotely to perform updates, calibrations, adjustments, solve and diagnose issues. In addition to answering questions regarding the machine or operation. An example is the calibration of the spray nozzles to ensure quality and precise applications.

If the technician identifies a mechanical or electrical failure that cannot be solved remotely, they check out the system and inform the closest dealer about the issue. Thereby the customer service becomes faster.

This exclusive technology from Stara is on all self-propelled sprayers from the company. It provides time-saving and assertiveness in crop phytosanitary control. Conecta is also available for Stara self-propelled spreaders and planting lineups.

Conecta, an easy and fast technology tool for the farmer.