Are you looking for higher quality and operational yield in lime application? Spreaders by gravity are the solution!

Are you looking for higher quality and operational yield in lime application? Spreaders by gravity are the solution!

Having a balanced soil is one of the premises to achieve high productivity, and the correction of its chemical conditions is an activity widely performed in Brazilian crop fields, especially the application of powdered lime.

The application of lime provides the improvement of the soil chemical conditions, as it is important to neutralize acidity while making nutrients such as calcium and magnesium available to the plants. A well-corrected soil, together with proper fertiliser application, provides better plant development and, consequently, gains in crop productivity.

A limiting factor for the best use of lime in the soil is the quality of the product. In poor quality products, there is a big difference in the size of the lime granules. In addition to causing heterogeneous application due to particle segregation inside the hopper, negatively influences the reaction time of the product in the soil. To ensure a uniform application, spreaders by gravity are the best option.

The Bruttus spreader lineup from Stara enables maximum precision in the application of substances for soil regulation since it is carried out by gravity through conveyor belts that ensure uniformity throughout the application range. The rubber curtains minimize the wind action, allowing the lime particles to be placed directly on the soil and its use is optimized. Another unique feature is the possibility of application by using variable rate, that is, applying the amount of lime required on the soil, in each management zone.

Since it is an activity carried out in the off-season, the operational yield is another important fact. As Bruttus lineup allows for operations without wind interference, the farmer can work 24 hours a day.

To ensure excellent precision in spreading by gravity and high operating efficiency, Stara provides three models: Bruttus 6000, Bruttus 12000 and Super Bruttus 30000.

Super Bruttus



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