Achieving the target: The goal of an efficient application

Achieving the target: The goal of an efficient application

The primary goal when applying chemicals is to achieve the target. That way, it is possible to control pests, diseases, and weeds, increasing the crop yield. To start the spraying process, the producer needs to know what is the biological target to be reached, and adapt the spraying according to the need.

Pests, weeds and diseases have different behaviors. As an example, there are diseases that attack the lower third part of the plant. In that case, the drops need to reach this plant part. To do it, the producer should choose the correct spray nozzle, which will generate appropriate drops, achieving the desired target.

Another important point is the nozzle pressure, it is responsible for the drop’s formation, which is essential to reach the biological target. The pressure is related to the application speed, when changing the speed, the pressure and the drop formation change. The flow rate is a consequence of these choices.

Currently, there are modern machines with systems that solve pressure variations by speed changes during the application, maintaining a drop pattern to make the spray more efficient. One example is the double line system, where 2 nozzle tips are actuating separately or together to keep the pressure stable. It enables applications with higher speeds, without compromising the chemical solution quality.