5 reasons to perform the Stara Maintenance Program

5 reasons to perform the Stara Maintenance Program

During the Maintenance Program, the components are checked and replaced by following the factory recommendations to ensure that the machine is always ready for operations. Once the Stara machine is thoroughly checked, the farmer can take advantage of the equipment full potential and get the best results.

Know 5 more reasons to perform the Stara Maintenance Program:

  1. It increases the machine lifespan

The Maintenance Program prolongs the machine lifespan since it ensures that it operates properly and avoiding possible failures. During the maintenance, components are checked and replaced according to their replacement period. As a result, it ensures the availability, high performance, and durability of the machine.

  1. Genuine parts

Only genuine parts with the features designed in the machine project, tested and homologated, are used in the Maintenance Program. The genuine parts provide reliability and safety to ensure the best equipment performance with durability and quality.

In addition, the genuine parts have a factory warranty and technical support for any setback.

  1. Trained professionals

The Maintenance Program is performed only by factory-trained professionals with technical knowledge about all models. They are trained to carry out the best service on your machine.

Additionally, these professionals take frequent courses and receive information about updates directly from the factory, keeping up with any machine update.

  1. Factory warranty

The Stara Maintenance Program has a factory warranty that only the dealership service ensures. This guarantee provides the security and reliability the farmer needs in case of unexpected machine issues.

  1. Economy

During the Maintenance Program, parts are replaced according to their lifespan, avoiding further issues at high costs. In addition to being more affordable than the corrective services, the preventive service provides the security that everything is alright with your machine.

                Stara Maintenance Program, your machine ready for operations at all times.