Stara and Liberali: IoT used in practice

Stara and Liberali: IoT used in practice

Higher information speed for faster decision making and operating cost optimization. This is what the integrated platform B1Agribusiness SAP provides in practice, powered by Liberali and the Stara machines equipment. The partnership result will be presented during the Agrishow 2019 – 26th International Agricultural Technology in Action, that happens from April 29th to May 3rd in Ribeirão Preto, SP – Brazil.

The integration between the SAP platform and the Stara equipment’s provides the products information about the agricultural operation such as applied product and its amount, worked area, operation time, application map, machine operator, and many other features. All the work information inside the ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning – software that improves the company management by automating the process and integrating the activities.

“There are routines on the farm that depends on that information. On machines maintenance, for example, we need to have the working hours to schedule the maintenance. Nowadays all the equipment information is on the SAP system because it has an integration between the things”, explains Toni Edgar da Silva, Liberali Innovation Director.

The integration also helps to improve the information process on the field agriculture operation, which optimizes the cost and production control.

According to Toni, the field tests were performed with a common customer of Stara and Liberali during the current season 2018/2019. The tests involved visits to the field, adjustments to the equipment, among others, generating, with high speed, information for the company management areas. The data comes straight from the machines and can be used to take the decisions assertively, once it is known if the operation is lowering the input and if the equipment is being used correctly.

“It is a real use for the Internet of Things (IoT). That is what this union of Liberali and the Stara wants to provide the rural producer”, says Toni Edgar.

About the Stara
The Stara, pioneer in precision agriculture, operates throughout the national territory and is present on all five continents, exporting to over 35 countries. The Stara also stands out by developing its own electronic technology, facilitating the integration with digital platforms such as the Liberali one. The company is located in Não-Me-Toque, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.

About the Liberali

The Liberali, with headquarters in Cuiabá, MT – Brazil, is a technology solution provider for the global agribusiness, serving customers who seek high scalability, with cost control, strategic management and decision-making statements. The company has more than 18 years of experience in the personalized solutions offering management, complete and verticalized. Genuinely from Mato Grosso state, Liberali has customers spread in more than 20 countries.