Stara and Bosch BASF Smart Farming announced their partnership in Agrishow 2022

Stara and Bosch BASF Smart Farming announced their partnership in Agrishow 2022

It is the first partnership established in Latin America to trade the Smart Spraying Solution.

Bosch BASF Smart Farming (BASF), a company that was founded from a joint venture between Bosch and BASF Digital Farming to distribute and trade smart farming technologies worldwide, announced the partnership with Stara to trade the Smart Spraying Solution in Latin America.

“We’re so glad to have Stara as our first commercial partner here in Latin America”, highlights Rodrigo Lima, executive director of Bosch BASF Smart Farming in Latin America. “We are aware that agribusiness must be even more efficient, and it is only possible by having the right tools and providing the farmer with a smart solution that increases yield and at the same time supports sustainability. Biodiversity in the crop field is directly connected to our strategic goal and mission of Stara, which is a constant evolution for the agribusiness”, says the executive.

The smart spraying technology has proven its performance on various continents during demanding tests in the crop field. The solution combines the best of the two worlds when gathering the know-how from Bosch and BASF. Robert Bosch has a wide experience in the automotive sector and provides the hardware and software for the smart sprayer. Chambers, control units and lighting units make it possible to detect weeds in real-time during the day or night. BASF offers the smart digital agronomic solution required with a Smart Spraying module in xarvio® Field Manager to provide the farmers with a solution.

With the integration of the technology to Stara Imperador 4000, the quality of all the companies involved is gathered into an innovative product. In addition to being the only spot spraying solution that provides a support tool to the decision guided by data. The smart sprayer Imperador 4000 Eco Spray is singular when compared to the competitors since it applied for both pre-emergent and post-emergent crop plants.

The Smart Spraying Solution was first used in Brazil for the crop of 20/21. “We have been evolving our products to provide the farmer with the best, and together with the Bosch and BASF Digital Farming team, we have implemented the innovative smart spraying solution on Imperador 4000 to ensure considerable advantage for farmers and the environment”, says Átila Stapelbroek Trennepohl, Stara CEO.

“We will provide a new digital solution for the market and a new approach to manage weeds – a higher precise and efficient usage of chemicals that directly contributes to the sustainability of the farmer business”, says Lima.

Imperador 4000 Eco Spray tests in the crop field provided significant savings in herbicides and kept a high quality in the management of weeds. The solution, through spot spraying, reduces the production costs significantly for farmers”, says Átila.