How to ensure winter grain sowing efficiency?

How to ensure winter grain sowing efficiency?

In South Brazil and this season, farmers start the winter grain sowing, such as wheat, oats and barley. For this type of operation, Stara developed Guapa Supra Winter. A sowing operation by a solid structure provides high terrain copy capacity and better straw flow to guarantee sowing efficiency.

The pneumatic pressure springs are interconnected between the row units and Guapa Supra Winter keeps the pressure uniform, even when travelling over bumpy terrains. This easy to adjust system delivers more agility for the operator and allows it to be adjusted according to the terrain conditions.

Additionally, Guapa Supra Winter performs terrain copy by row unit of up to 550 mm. The offset row units provide higher straw flow to provide more plantability and uniform distribution of seeds.

Guapa Supra Winter chassis articulation is 14° upwards and 7° downwards, which ensures terrain copy and delivers unfirm sowing even over terraced fields. The spacing between the row units is 250 mm.

For quality and precise sowing, count on Guapa Supra Winter.