How does a corn head work?

How does a corn head work?

The corn crop has reached higher yields over the seasons. According to the National Supply Company (CONAB), the second harvest of corn in Brazil may reach 86 million tons. But have you wondered how the corn head works?

Deck plates

Stara Brava + corn head features row unit dividers and assemblies of two rollers that pull the plant inside the corn head. The rollers make an opposite movement. In other words, pulling the corn plant inside and collecting the cobs when they hit the deck plates over the rollers.

The conveying roller chains convey the cobs to the corn head. By means of an auger, they are conveyed to the implement center.

The deck plates of Brava + corn head feature electrical adjustment (or mechanical) activated through remote control, with a range from 20 mm to 40 mm between the plates. The adjustment is performed according to the corn stalk and cobs thickness easily and fast. As a result, it delivers higher harvest efficiency even with different types of corn and reduces losses.

Additionally, it is equipped with an adjustable row unit assembly comprised of rollers with 8 vanes and more than 10 rotation options. In addition to the roller chain with six lugs that collect the cob, ensuring fast and quality harvest. This system reduces the straw flow by 30%, increasing the yield and reducing the harvester fuel consumption.

Brava + coupling system is compatible with any harvester model. It only requires changing the coupling structure.

Additionally, the corn head is equipped with an auger torque limiter that provides more safety during harvesting and avoids system damages in case of row-unit lock or overload. There are torque limiters per row unit with disarming radial system that ensures a longer equipment lifespan and avoids the disarming of row units that are not being blocked.

Side auger assembly

As an optional feature, Brava + has a side auger assembly that harvests the snapped corn plants efficiently sideways, conducting the cobs inside the corn head and avoiding production losses. Another optional feature is the height sensor. It allows for operations close to the ground, increasing the harvest yield. Available for models: above 13-row units. It is provided with kits of 3, 4, or 5 sensors.

The Brava + corn head is an excellent option to avoid losses and ensure high yields.