How can the agricultural lime application reduce costs by using fertiliser?

How can the agricultural lime application reduce costs by using fertiliser?

The farmers have suffered the impact of the higher costs of fertilisers in the past months. Alternatively, there are alternative sources of nutrients or even management ways to increase the availability of essential nutrients for the crop plants.

The higher price of fertilisers in the last years and shortage of the product in the market has caused the farmers to apply agricultural lime to provide soil regulation. In addition to the low cost, the liming increases the fertiliser availability in the soil. As a result, it reduces the amount of fertiliser to be applied.

The agricultural lime neutralises the soil acidity, which is common in a large area of Brazil. Also, lime increases the availability and absorption of nutrients for the crop plant roots. As a result, there is higher root growth. As a consequence, a higher production potential. The frequency and dosing of lime application vary, especially according to the soil pH, indicated by soil analysis.

For quality in lime applications, Stara provides Bruttus 12000, a spreader of solid products by gravity which ensures optimum, uniform and precise applications. The spreading by gravity avoids the segregation of particles and wind action. Thereby, it is possible to apply even if there is wind and the same time, avoid drift. Additionally, the coefficient of variation is below 8%. It may vary according to the product and weather conditions.

Bruttus 12000 is the only self-transportable spreader in the category. It features an articulated chassis that allows the sections to be folded for transport on narrow roadways, bridges and across narrow gates. It is equipped with a wheelset system with a rocker arm that allows for greater terrain copying during spreading operations.

In addition to the wheelsets being mounted beneath the hopper, which eases access for reloading, Bruttus 12000 is equipped with high-flotation tyres that avoid soil compaction. The section shutdown reduces overlap, avoids the waste of products, and provides higher savings during applications.

For fertiliser savings and soil regulation, you can count on  Bruttus 12000.

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