Guapa Supra Winter delivers practical sowing for winter grains

Guapa Supra Winter delivers practical sowing for winter grains

To sow winter grains, Stara developed the Guapa Supra Winter seeder. Available versions: 44 and 60 row units with 17 cm spacing. The seeder is equipped with a central hopper for seeds and fertiliser, which provides faster loading. For the “seeds only” configuration, the capacity is 3,000 kg.

By moving the gate that separates the seed compartment from the fertiliser compartment to the opposite side, it is possible to have three more features for hopper configuration: 1,200 kg for seeds and 3,000 kg for fertiliser, 1,500 kg for seeds and 2,800 kg for fertiliser and 2,000 kg for seeds and 2,000 kg for fertiliser. *Capacity may vary according to the product density.

The exclusive seed meter system allows Guapa Supra Winter to provide high sowing efficiency with a maximum variation of 5% (variation refers to the rotor meter). The seeder features instant adjustment of the seed and fertiliser rate to sow at a variable rate. Thereby, providing faster loading and plenty of versatility.

The equipment remarkable feature is that it can be self-transportable to provide the farmer with practical operations. The seeder becomes 4.6 metres in width for transport when the row units are unlocked. As a result, it eases the travelling over narrow roadways, gates and bridges.

Guapa Supra Winter ensures higher efficiency for winter grain sowing.