Get to know the application that helps you choose the perfect spray nozzle

Get to know the application that helps you choose the perfect spray nozzle

One possibility of getting the most out of your crop is by choosing the proper spray nozzle to ensure that the product reaches, penetrates and is applied correctly for pest, disease and weed control efficiency.

The crucial factors to choosing the correct spray nozzle are the crop and its stage, weather conditions, chemical type, target application speed. For instance, the Ultra-Low-Drift spray nozzle from Stara is perfect for pre and post herbicide application, creating fewer drops subjected to drift without impairing the cover and counting on air induction technology in the drop.

This nozzle features a 120° fan with great application uniformity and provides a wide operating pressure range. Additionally, its material provides a longer lifespan.

While the 3D Stara spray nozzle delivers a cover with a standard drop size which helps to reduce the drift between 60 and 75% when compared to conventional spray nozzles. It is recommended for high cover when required.

To help the farmer to choose the best nozzle, Stara provides the Stara Spray App. The first step is to choose the sprayer: Imperador 3.0, Imperador 2000 or Imperador 3000 and 4000. Then, choose the option “Choose the Nozzle”, choose the application type, whether single row or twin row, enter the application rate in litre per hectare (based on farmer needs) and enter the application speed. And that’s it. The app shows better nozzle choices to obtain positive results. The app is available for Android and IOS.

Using the correct nozzle avoids product waste and ensures crop phytosanitary control, and ensure your crop yield.


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