Employees and the board attend a Breakfast

Employees and the board attend a Breakfast

On August 14th, Stara held another edition of the Breakfast with the Board, gathering around 100 employees and the company board.

Aiming at integration, the Breakfast was conducted by CEO, Gilson Trennepohl, who presented the history of the company since its foundation up to nowadays, the projects Stara has been developing to the future and the actions to value the employees and the community. “Seu Chico said, sometime ago, that Stara would grow because it had lots of good people working at it. What we are today is a result of the people who work for this, and we know that we will continue growing because we really have lots of good people in Stara”, said the CEO, mentioning seu Chico, one of the company founders.

During the Breakfast with the Board the employees can celebrate with their co-workers, exchanging information and experiences about their sectors, reinforcing one of the mottos of Stara that says “none of us is as good as all of us together”.