Do you know the advantages of spreading by gravity?

Do you know the advantages of spreading by gravity?

Spreading substances for soil regulation is an efficient alternative to prepare the soil for the next planting and ensure yield. There are two ways for this kind of application: broadcast or by gravity.

For both options, several factors influence the spreading quality, such as the product, which depends on the uniformity and granulometry standard, weather conditions such as wind speed and direction, and also the equipment factors such as speed and application range.

The spreading by gravity provides a considerable reduction of the influence of these factors. As a result, it ensures higher precision, especially for powdered products.  For this type of application, as the product is loaded and conveyed by conveyor belts, the segregation of particles is prevented, which is usually found on agricultural lime and has the same spreading standard all over the application range. It provides the same acidity correction degree all over the application range, which is extremely important to ensure high yields.

To convey or dose the product through the conveyor belt and apply it by gravity to the soil, this kind of spreading isn’t influenced by the wind and is possible to perform at any time of the day. As a consequence, the equipment is available to operate more hours a day.

For spreading by gravity, Stara provides the Bruttus line, and highlights  Bruttus 12000.

About Bruttus 12000

Stara Bruttus 12000 spreads by gravity with excellence, precision and uniformity. It is the only self-transportable spreader in the category, with a transport width of 3.2 m. It features an articulated chassis that allows the sections to be folded for transport on narrow roadways, bridges and across narrow gates.

It delivers an application height of 1.25 m, features the PWM system for application rate setting and operates with fixed or variable rates. The 7.5 m³ or 12,000 kg capacity adds great operation autonomy.

The tyres with high-pressure fluctuation prevent the soil from becoming compacted. To have more economy during applications, the spreader is equipped with a section shutdown system that reduces overlap and avoids product waste.

For better spreading by gravity, count on Bruttus 12000.