The drive-through for Christmas gifts delivery was highlighted by joy

The drive-through for Christmas gifts delivery was highlighted by joy

An afternoon that was highlighted by Christmas joy and positiveness. Santa Clauses and elves charmed Stara’s employees and their children last Saturday (December 5th). This year, the traditional Christmas Party for Children was carried out by a drive-through style, due to coronavirus pandemic. The event took place in the parking lots of Stara headquarters, in Não Me Toque city, and at the company’s branches in Carazinho city and Santa Rosa city.

Jonas Felipe Padua de Lima, an employee of the After-Sales Department at the company’s headquarters, brought his 4-year-old daughter Betina, to pick up her Christmas gift. “It is so great to able to provide such joy for the children. I’ve been working here for eight years, and it is so good to be part of Stara’s family”, he said.

The employees embraced the Christmas Spirit. Some of them decorated their cars, their children brought Christmas posters and letters for Santa Claus. Christmas Magic was in the air! Giovani Maia Alves’s 4-year old and 10-year old children, Felipe and Daniele, were happy for seeing Santa Claus. “We are so glad that, despite the pandemic, Stara did not let Christmas go by unnoticed”, he said.

Besides the Christmas gifts, the children received sweets, juice, and balloons.


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