Stara won the award Destaques A Granja Do Ano*

Stara won the award Destaques A Granja Do Ano*

Stara received, on August 31, the award Destaques A Granja do Ano in the category Agricultural Machinery, during the solemnity performed in the headquarter of the Federação da Agricultura do Rio Grande do Sul**, located in the park of Expointer.

The award is performed by the magazine A Granja and is in its 31st edition, being one of the most traditional of the livestock in Brazil and honor people, companies, entities or institutions that stood out in 30 relevant segments connected straightly or not to the livestock in Brazil. The elected are defined by the vote from the subscribers and readers of the magazine, through a coupon found in the magazine or in the website.

The director-president from Stara, Gilson Trennepohl, received the award that, once againa, honored the tradition of Stara in creating intelligent solutions for the farmers, offering a complete line of agricultural machinery with its own technology.

* Highlights A Granja of the Year

** Agriculture Federation from Rio Grande do Sul