Stara performs a training session about Six Sigma

Stara performs a training session about Six Sigma

The Constant Evolution is in Stara DNA, and this moves the company to always seek the continuous improvement of its products, processes and services. To make this possible, it counts on important partners, its suppliers.

To keep the evolution in the improvement processes, Stara gathered representatives of supply and quality sectors of the headquarters and the branches from Carazinho and Santa Rosa, as well as important supply companies for a training session about Six Sigma – Green Belt. The session started on May 7th at Stara headquarters in Não-Me-Toque, and goes up to June. It is split into 6 modules, with a total of 40 hours.

Six Sigma is an internationally recognized tool that is widely used to identify and implement internal processes in companies, providing more efficiency, productivity, and quality to the services provided. At the Green Belt training stage, the attendees get to dominate the method DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), with capacity to lead complex and priority projects for the goals of the companies.

After finishing the 6 modules, the attendees will have to develop and present a project that improves the quality levels of the products provided or their delivery deadlines.


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