Stara is audited by FINEP

Stara is audited by FINEP

On April 12, Stara was audited by FINEP, a federal government financier of projects and researches entity, which is Stara’s partner in the development of new products and technologies.

The resources of FINEP support Stara in the development of new products and technologies, launched annually. This partnership began in 2006 and the company is audited periodically to verify the application of these resources.

“I visit the company every 15 months and I always find a renewed company: bigger and more modern. We note this constantly evolving as some positive matter that highlights Stara in comparison to others. Unfortunately most Brazilian companies do not invest and innovate, and Stara keeps itself innovating in its management, reconsidering processes and seeking new technological routes for their products”, said Jorge Luiz Jardim Teixeira Júnior, analyst for the Department of Agribusiness and Food, from FINEP.

The role of FINEP is supporting researches and development for technological innovations to Brazilian institutions. “Since we started the partnership with Stara in 2006 there were three projects, expanding and modernizing laboratories, obtaining machinery and innovative agricultural implements or obtaining new technology processes. FINEP is proud for having in its portifolio projects like the Stara’s ones seeking to obtain high-grade innovations (worldwide) to their products. We know that the company makes the difference in the sector which it operates, raising its technological level research with 100% Brazilian!”, adds the analyst.

Stara is always fulfilling the FINEP requirements. The purpose of the audit is finalize one of the projects established with FINEP. “It was possible to verify the consolidation of planned technologies that, like any innovation project, represents a risk to its obtaining (characteristic of innovative projects). It is a satisfaction and pride that we have seen the results that brought to Brazilian farmers technological solutions developed by the company”, said Jorge Júnior.


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