Stara is among the greatest places to work

Stara is among the greatest places to work

For the third consecutive time, Stara is among the best companies to work for, according to Great Place to Work – GPTW. The survey conducted with employees at the headquarters in Não-Me-Toque and branches in Carazinho and Santa Rosa showed the satisfaction of those who work at the company.

GPTW is an annual survey conducted in 109 countries and aims to evaluate employee satisfaction by creating reports that help the companies to make improvements.

For the manager of Personnel and HR Systems, Cristiane Teichmann, being among the greatest companies to work for is a victory for Stara. “The result represents our constant evolution. The survey shows us what is being done and what needs to be improved to further upgrade our work environment. It is rewarding to know that the employees feel good in the company and that they are proud to work here,” she says.

The survey shows Stara effort to create a productive and positive work environment. In addition to being the result of all the actions taken regarding the well-being of those who work here. Stara has been encouraging its employees to evolve and grow more and more every day.

According to Cristiane, the survey significantly helped this evolution process. “The evaluation is important for us to measure employee satisfaction, and together we can make Stara an increasingly better place to work. We can see the perception and experience of the people and analyze our current practices to improve what is necessary,” she says.

The survey was conducted from July 12th to July 30th 2021. 94% of the employees have participated.