Stara is a great company to work according to GPTW

Stara is a great company to work according to GPTW

Stara was certified by the Great Place to Work – GPTW, being recognized as a great company to work. The certification took place in June, after a survey with 900 employees of the company.

The Great Place to Work is a global company, founded in 1991 in the United States that has operated in Brazil since 1996, where it is responsible for the certification and the creation of the rankings of best workplaces. For the certification, a survey is held with employees, drawn by GPTW, impartially, with questions regarding the daily life of the company employee. The companies that get scores over 7 receive the certification, and Stara scored 7 and received the certification for a year.

“Stara has the tradition of valuing its employees, and the result of the survey held by the consultancy confirms that our actions bring benefits, and a healthy environment to our employees”, claims the HR manager, Volmir Amann. The survey is also a way of identifying areas for improvement. “The consultancy gives us the survey result and through it we have the opinion of our employees. This is very important for us to identify areas where we are on the right way and need to keep on, and areas for improvement, where we still need to develop. Everything is done trustworthily, what enhances our employees’ reliability”, completes Volmir.

Annually, the Great Place to Work researches more than 10 thousand companies, reaching more than 12 million people, with the purpose of recognizing organizations that value people around the world.