Stara is a birthday party theme for kids

Stara is a birthday party theme for kids

The siblings Rafael and Eduardo are so fascinated by Stara that they chose the brand as their birthday party theme. Their parents, Dilvar and Claudia Wasem, arranged everything to celebrate Rafael’s third birthday party and Eduardo’s fourth birthday. The party was thrown on January 15th in Campo Novo do Parecis, the state of Mato Grosso.

The details are impressive. The Stara self-propelled sprayers and planters are all over the decoration: on the cake, pastries, souvenirs and even green and orange balloons. Dilvar said that when they saw the decoration, they were thrilled.

The love Rafael and Eduardo feel for Stara started early when they went to their dad’s work, at Dinâmica dealer: “They come to the dealer to see the pieces of equipment, the Stara magazine and watch the machines videos.”

Dilvar tells that the little guys know all the equipment portfolio. They like to wear Stara t-shirts and boots, and each one has its own Imperador 4000 miniature. The family is planning to visit the Stara factory in Não Me Toque since it is Rafael and Eduardo’s dream.

Seeing the love for Stara pass from generation to generation makes Stara proud.