Stara increasingly invests in data protection

Stara increasingly invests in data protection

In force since September 2020, the General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD) emerged in order to guarantee users’ privacy, establishing important and mandatory guidelines for the collection, processing, and storage of personal data.

But long before the creation of LGPD, Stara was already concerned about protecting the data of its employees and customers by creating updated systems and mechanisms to ensure the security of all company information. More than just complying with the law, Stara cares about creating a trusting relationship with its partners.

The company created the LGPD Committee, a group of 12 employees from different departments that implement some protection measures and supervise all the processes.

According to Mariano Lopes Machado, Information Technology (IT) Manager and DPO (Data Protection Officer) in charge of data protection at Stara, the company is constantly improving its protection systems. “Stara already had special care for the data, but we have been intensifying it even more for two years. Firstly because of LGPD and secondly because hacker attacks have increased a lot. So, we are doing this data protection work that is constantly being updated because we have the information from our customers, partners, and employees, strategic, confidential, and sensitive data. It is a great responsibility to protect them, and for us, this is more than just complying with the legislation,” explains Mariano.

At Stara, data protection includes the work of several people, going through the DPO and the LGPD Committee that will check the data, how they are handled, protected and ensure that they will only be used for the proper purpose. In addition, Stara has a comprehensive IT structure and consultant companies that support information security.

According to Mariano, Stara is committed to the privacy of its partners, suppliers, dealers, employees, and customers. “We are concerned about guaranteeing the security and correct use of the data. We have a workforce and investments focused on this because for us, the relationship and trust between the parties are fundamental,” says Mariano.

In addition to information security infrastructure care, Stara has also conducted training to make employees aware of the importance of care with their data, thus contributing to the security and privacy of all.

Hints to protect your data

Everyone is a key part of information security and needs to play their part. Therefore, be alert to:

– Don’t use passwords that are easy to crack or related to you, such as your birthday or those of people close to you;

– Do not use public computers or public WI-FI networks to access sensitive information such as bank details;