Stara gathers employees to breakfast with the direction

Stara gathers employees to breakfast with the direction

On March 3rd, Stara gathered about 100 employees for breakfast with the direction. This activity aims to strengthen ties between employees from many sectors of the company with the direction by keeping them informed about the company’s actions, market and prospects, as well as providing the fellowship and the exchange of information among employees.

In this edition, the guests were welcomed by the directors of the company: Lucas Arend (Manufacturing); Fábio Bocasanta (Administration and Finance); Cícero Ferreira (Stara Financeira) and Márcio Fülber (Commercial). While they had breakfast, the employees got information from the directors. “Stara seeks to keep firm in the market despite the Brazilian economic scenario, making efforts to remain competitive and maintain its staff,” said Fábio Bocasanta.

Regarding production, Lucas Arend said that it is important to fulfill the production orders efficiently to further improve the quality of the production of information, reflecting the good results of the factory. “Make the production notes with quality help us to have more accurate information about what happens in the factory, about costs and about delivery date. We need to be committed to our work and with the company to jointly achieve better results,” he said.

Stara is still investing in the factory, despite the troubled political and economic scenarios of the country. “Stara still believes in the agribusiness and is still investing. The 2016 launches are proof of that. They are innovative products that expand our line of products. We count on each of you to continue producing machines with quality and seeking innovation”, said Márcio Fülber.

After breakfast, the staff started working. The next breakfast with the direction will be held in April, and it will count on 100 employees.