Stara Finance in constant evolution

Stara Finance in constant evolution

Since 2012, Stara Finance is committed to providing competitive products and financial services for agribusiness to help the farmers increasingly improve their results. To accomplish that, it sticks to be in constant evolution by investing in the team and the service structure.

Stara has a wide range of customers in all regions of Brazil. For this reason, Stara Finance provides all Stara pieces of equipment financing for farmers who wish to have on their farms the technologies and solutions that only Stara can provide. “In the beginning, we only had a few operations, but today we have customers from all over Brazil. We are structuring ourselves to provide the best service to the dealerships and become the customers’ partner even more. We are making constant investments to meet the demands that are arising. Our goal is to follow the growing steps and evolution of Stara,” says Nicole Stapelbroek Trennepohl, executive director of Stara Finance.

Stara Finance provides financing options for farmers and dealers and payroll consigned credit for Stara employees. More than an institution, Stara Finance is a bank head office inside the factory, and due to it can perform operations fast and in a practical way. “At Stara Finance, the farmer is talking directly to a bank head office. We have no reciprocity because our goal is to finance the equipment. Additionally, we have an administrative structure for credit formalization to provide our customer”.

Stara Finance offers complete solutions for the farmer to make the financing process directly with the dealership, centralizing all stages of the equipment purchase. In other words, they can have the financing, the purchase, and after-sales assistance, all in a single place.

New banking correspondents of Stara Finance

To ease the financing for farmers, Stara Finance is now making partnerships with dealers and creating new banking correspondents, as is the case of Querência Máquinas, in Rio Verde/state of Goiás.

Michelle Ferreira Dutra, sales manager at Querência Máquinas, explains that becoming a banking correspondent is very beneficial. “Stara Finance provides faster processes and analysis efficiency, which improves the relationship with the customer. All of these are decisive factors when it comes time to sales, and it is less bureaucratic for the customer and offers more convenience, without additional costs,” says Michelle.

To become a Stara Finance banking correspondent, the dealership needs to take a course to specialize and be able to perform a more complete service, offering all the solutions that Stara Finance delivers to its customers.

In fact, from the farmer’s point of view, the service of Stara Finance has helped a lot in the acquisition of new equipment. I recently purchased a Reboke Ninja 33000 grain cart and chose to finance at Stara Finance. The process was fast and with good payment terms. Additionally, the negotiation was fast. I needed the equipment for harvesting and got it in time, thanks to the credit line from Stara Finance. So, it was a very good experience and I hope that there will be new negotiations to be able to use Stara Finance credit lines again”, says Querência Máquinas customer, Richard Lima Fenell, from Rio Verde, state of Goiás.

Michelle points out that more and more farmers are going to Stara Finance for credit lines. “The farmers’ acceptance has been very good. We are working to make more and more customer registrations for Stara Finance. During a sale, we mention our bank and its advantages. In addition, all customers who have made transactions with Stara Finance are very happy,” says Michelle.

In order to expand its operations and deliver customized solutions to its customers, Stara Finance grows and enables the growth of all its employees. “It is rewarding to visit the farms and meet the customers who have financed machines at our bank. In the same way, it is rewarding to see the development of the people who are part of the team and to be able to accompany their growth along with the company,” Nicole concludes.

Valuing people, safety, and commitment are some of the characteristics that make Stara Finance the best option for you and your farm.