“Stara encourages us to grow together”

“Stara encourages us to grow together”

The serious way hides a sweet and cheerful personality that is constantly driven by challenges. For Adeli Kutzleb, who has been working in the Machining Department as a CNC lathe machine operator for 13 years, these challenges are synonymous with knowledge.

Working at the headquarters in Não-Me-Toque, Adeli grew together with the company and found herself challenged with the technological advance that was implanted in the factory. “This growth is good both for the company and for us.  Stara  always encourages us to study, to strive, and to grow together.”

In addition to the professional growth she has achieved in these years, the employee also highlights the factory development, which has benefited her department co-workers and other employees. “All the investment helps us in the activities that we do. The acquisition of the new machines has made our work easier”, she highlights.

The work that used to be done manually is now done by a machine that acts automatically. “The machine reads the manufacturing order and does the operation setup, we just have to supervise the part, it is the machine that does the actual job. But it was not only the acquisition of the machine that improved our production. We also had new carts for logistics, we now take the parts straight to the machine.”

The constant evolution is not only limited to the machines manufactured by Stara but also integrates the day to day of our employees, who with dedication add to the growth of all.