Stara conducts the Outubro Rosa and Novembro Azul campaigns

Stara conducts the Outubro Rosa and Novembro Azul campaigns

Thinking about the quality of life and well-being of its employees, Stara conducted the Outubro Rosa and Novembro Azul campaigns in October. Plenty of actions were carried out to engage the employees. The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about the importance of self-care and disease prevention.

The campaign began with lectures on women’s health care. Covering topics such as breast cancer, women’s cycle, and health care, the lectures are intended to alert the employees about the importance of performing preventive tests, keeping a good diet, and developing healthy habits.

For Bruniele Stefani Gularte, the lecture was a great opportunity to learn more about prevention and well-being. “The lecture was very interesting. Besides the care tips, it also helped increase women’s self-esteem, promoting care for our health. It is very good that Stara has this concern for its employees. It shows an appreciation for all of us.

Men could also take advantage of some specific actions and share knowledge. The employees attended lectures with themes such as prostate cancer, men’s cycle, and health care. The idea was to encourage healthy habits and the performance of tests for the early diagnosis of diseases.

According to Ivo André Figueira da Silva, the lectures helped to promote self-care. “We had the opportunity to have a professional in the area showing us basic care that makes all the difference in preventing or even curing some diseases. Talking about men’s health, in a way, is related to breaking paradigms because most of the time we are slackers in relation to our well-being and think that our body is always perfect, and it is actually the opposite. We should have tests, see a doctor and take care of our diet to have more quality of life.”

The lectures were held for Stara employees in Não-Me-Toque, Carazinho, and Santa Rosa units, during the day and night shifts. In addition, free tests were also made available to employees such as PSA, mammography, and hepatitis.