Stara celebrates Labour Day

Stara celebrates Labour Day

Valuing and providing special moments to employees has always been part of Stara’s history. To celebrate Labour Day, the company paid another tribute, on 30 April. To thank Stara’s employees for their dedication, presents were given when they left work.

For Stara’s CEO, Átila Trennepohl, employees are the most important asset of an organisation. “We have special care and attention for our employees. We made a customised gift so that it could be kept as a special souvenir,” he highlights.

The employee Maria Silvana, who has been working in the Tool Manufacturing Department for more than eight years, highlights the encouragement she receives from Stara every day. “I have no words to express this encouragement the company provide employees with. It is a way to say thank you”.

For Luiz Bernardo de Quadros, who has been working for three years in the Logistics and Manufacturing II Department, the action goes beyond a gift. “The action represents a lot; it values the employee and makes them motivated to keep working and realise how good it is to work at Stara”.

Currently, Stara has more than 3 thousand employees in Não-Me-Toque, and its subsidiaries in Carazinho and Santa Rosa.

Maria Silvana