Santa Claus has arrived at Stara!

Santa Claus has arrived at Stara!

The Christmas magic took over Stara on December 4th with the Christmas party for children. It was a night of fun, smiles and socializing between employees of Stara and their children who gathered to celebrate Christmas together.

Surprising the children 4 Santas and their elves received the kids with great affection, distributing candies, toys and hugs.

The children took the night to play. Among the attractions were available trampolines, inflatable toys, ball pool and paint shop in the skin, ensuring the fun of the kids. They still enjoyed delicious snacks to replenish energy and be able to continue playing.

The Children Festival is a traditional celebration in Stara, made every year for children to enjoy the magic of Christmas, and a time of fellowship and unity, where the main gifts are the affection and the embrace that each can give and receive free.


Merry Christmas!