Santa Claus has arrived at Stara!

Santa Claus has arrived at Stara!

On December 2nd, Stara held the Children’s Christmas party, which gathered employees and their children to celebrate Christmas.

Stara Employees Association was the place of this great party, where the kids could have fun on inflatables, trampolines, soap soccer, ball pools, artistic makeup, among others, while they were waiting for Santa Claus’ arrival. To renew the energy, the kids got delicious snacks that ensured the strength to play until the evening.

The magic of Christmas filled everybody when the Santa Claus and the leprechauns arrived. Besides presents, the Santas spread smiles and hugs, cheering the kids up.

The Children’s Christmas Party is a traditional celebration at Stara, which takes place every year, so that the kids keep the magic of Christmas alive. It is a moment of celebration and union of Stara Family, where the main presents are the warmth and hug that each one can give and receive for free.